Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)
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Need Product Environmental Footprint support?

We can help you…

  • calculate PEF for existing PEFCRs (PEF Category Rules)
  • conduct ‘shadow’ PEF studies
  • develop PEFCRs
  • find the right partner(s)
  • harmonize existing PCRs/PEFCRs
  • identify impacts and hot spots for your products
  • learn to communicate relevant information about your company’s or products’ PEF
  • link PEF information to circular economy aspects
  • detect industry risks by using PEF as a measuring tool for hot spots in terms of environmental, compliance, regulatory or policy risks
  • assess your product using this new methodology, integrating materials and resources
  • establish, manage or join a Technical Secretariat during the PEF Transition Phase
  • manage communication with the European Commission


How can you and your business benefit? By…

  • decreasing risk
  • communicating your company’s/products’ environmental performance
  • getting a head start on competitors by preparing PEF-conforming information for your products and services
  • gaining insights into product sustainability information
  • developing strategies to improve the environmental performance of your products and services
  • gaining relevant information for future PEF implementation
  • learning to use and understand type III environmental labelling schemes (ISO 14025)


Our PEF experts look forward to speaking with you.


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Hannes Partl
VP Service Delivery

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Dr. Constantin Herrmann
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Stefan Horlacher
Senior Consultant

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Andreas Busa

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